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How to Zest a Lime

Juan Daniel



Photo: A Couple Cooks
Photo: A Couple Cooks

Wondering the easy way to make lime zest to add tangy flavor to recipes? Here are the BEST methods for how to zest a lime.

Got a recipe that calls for lime zest?

We’re here to help!

Alex and my recipes here at A Couple Cooks often call for citrus zest.

But what’s the best way to get it?

Over the years we’ve discovered the quickest, easiest method!

This method yields fine zest for using in recipes (not cocktail garnishes).

**Want to zest a lime for a cocktail garnish?

Go to How to Make a Lemon Twist.

What does zest of lime mean?

What is zest?

Lime zest is the colored outside portion of the citrus fruit peel.

It’s often used with or without the juice of the lime to add concentrated tangy citrus flavor to recipes.

It can taste even stronger than lime juice, which can sometimes fade away into the flavor or recipes.

Zest can also be used as a substitute for lime juice.

How to zest a lime: the best way

Here’s how to zest a lime: the best way … [ keep reading (and see the full instructions) at A Couple Cooks ]

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