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This Controversial Early 2000s Hue Is Back, and It’ll Instantly Warm Up Your Home

Apartment Therapy



Photo: Santa Monica Proper Hotel

If you had asked me how I felt about decorating with brown roughly a year or two ago, my answer would’ve included a trace of indifference and maybe a hint of distaste.

Let’s be honest: I get flashbacks of interiors from the ‘70s and early 2000s, where this dominant hue took center stage in a kind of heavy, drab way, particularly in kitchen cabinetry.

As is the case with most trends though, they eventually circle back with a contemporary twist that makes many of us forget why we ever cringed about something in the first place.

Cue the current revival of chocolate brown.

Photo: Macy Evonosky

In 2019, Kelly Wearstler designated chocolate brown as her palette lead when designing the Santa Monica Proper Hotel, which quickly became one of the most Instagrammed spots that summer.

Apart from evoking a serious case of wanderlust, this use of brown is what first inspired me to reconsider this somewhat retro hue.

Needless to say, Wearstler was certainly not the first or last designer to give the color a new lease on life.

I’ve seen it play out across various home tours here on Apartment Therapy as of late and in new product launches from many big brands.

Dare I say, this hue is actually growing on me!

It should go without saying that as far as browns go, the spectrum is as diverse as it gets, and there’s a lovely shade for everyone out there.

Chocolate brown is in a lane of its own, featuring depth and saturation.

When it comes to incorporating this shade in an interior, knowing which hues to pair it with can be the difference between a slightly outdated scheme and a more contemporary one.

In light of that thought, try these palette pairings to complement a rich …

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  • Photo: Santa Monica Proper Hotel

  • Photo: Macy Evonosky

  • Photo: Melanie Greene

  • Photo: Haarkon

  • Photo: Haarkon

  • Photo: Andrew Bui

  • Photo: Marisa Vitale

  • Photo: Natalie Jeffcott

  • Photo: Daria

  • Photo: Laura Steffan

  • Photo: Tracey Hairston

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