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What’s the fastest and simplest way to lose weight on keto?

Do you need to fast?

Should you put butter and MCT oil in your coffee?

What about macros?

Should you use a blood or breath meter to make sure you have a high ketone level?

We’ll let you in on a secret: it’s all much more straightforward than that!

Get the details in Dr. Westman’s latest video, whether you’re looking to lose your first twenty pounds or the last.

🎁 BONUS: Lose fat on keto 🎁

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Home & Garden

CREATIVE & EASY Ways to Display Houseplants | Indoor Plant Styling




Photo: DORAL 360

Hey there, plant lovers! Get ready for some awesome inspiration on how to style the perfect plant shelf while staying within your budget. In this fun-filled video, I’ll show you a bunch of fantastic ideas that will make your shelf the envy of all your friends!

We’ll dive into a variety of amazing plant options, like the gorgeous philodendron and the adorable peperomia. Trust me, these plants will bring so much life and charm to your shelf! And the best part? You won’t have to break the bank to create a jaw-dropping display.

Whether you’re a plant guru or just starting your green adventure, we’ve got you covered. I’ll spill all my secrets on how to arrange your plants in a way that looks absolutely stunning together. We’re talking about creating a picture-perfect plant oasis right in your own home!

If you’re itching to add a plant shelf to your space or seeking tips on how to make your current one pop, this video is a total must-watch. I’ll walk you through step-by-step, showing you how to style a plant shelf that will make your home feel like a botanical wonderland—all without breaking your piggy bank.

Prepare to witness the magical transformation that plants can bring to any room. We’ll unveil the power of greenery as we dive into our best tricks for crafting a plant shelf that’s both visually striking and totally on-trend. Minimalist vibes? We got you covered. Want a lush jungle oasis? We’ve got ideas for that too!

So, let’s dive into this exciting journey of plant shelf styling together! Get ready to create a welcoming and affordable plant display that will turn your home into a cozy haven of nature’s beauty.

Don’t miss out on the fun—watch the video right here and let your creativity run wild:

Happy planting!

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Food & Drink

Best Cottage Cheesecake You’ll Ever Taste




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Which is better for self-defense: tasers or pepper spray?




Photo by Andrew Neel

As women, we’ve been taught to fear the world outside. Whether it’s through warnings from our parents or statistics on the news, we know that danger lurks in the shadows. And while we may never know when that danger will strike, we can at least prepare ourselves with self-defense tools. But with so many options available, how do we know which one is right for us?

Today, we’re going to explore two of the most popular options: tasers and pepper spray.

Let’s start with tasers.

When most people think of tasers, they picture a small, handheld device that delivers a jolt of electricity to the attacker, rendering them temporarily incapacitated. And while that may sound like the perfect solution to our self-defense needs, there are a few things to consider before investing in a taser.

Firstly, tasers can be expensive. A quality taser can cost several hundred dollars, and that’s not even factoring in the cost of replacement cartridges. And while the initial cost may seem worth it for the peace of mind that comes with having a powerful self-defense tool, it’s important to remember that a taser is only effective if you can actually use it.

Using a taser requires close proximity to the attacker, which can be risky in itself. Additionally, tasers require a level of skill to use effectively. In the heat of the moment, it can be difficult to remember the correct technique for deploying a taser, which can render the device useless in a critical situation.

Now let’s consider pepper spray.

Pepper spray is a chemical spray that, when deployed, causes intense pain and temporary blindness in the attacker, giving the victim time to escape. Unlike tasers, pepper spray is relatively inexpensive and easy to use. It requires minimal skill or training to deploy effectively, and can be used from a safe distance.

However, pepper spray does have its drawbacks. It’s not as effective on individuals who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and can be blown back into the user’s face in windy conditions. Additionally, pepper spray can take several seconds to take effect, which can feel like an eternity in a high-pressure situation.

So which is better for self-defense: tasers or pepper spray?

The answer is neither. Both options have their pros and cons, and ultimately, the best self-defense tool is the one that you feel most comfortable using. The most important thing is to invest in a tool that you feel confident using and to practice deploying it in a safe environment.

Whether it’s a taser, pepper spray, or another option entirely, the goal is to be prepared and empowered to defend ourselves in any situation.

Here is a list of places where you can buy tasers or pepper spray online:

  1. Amazon has a wide variety of self-defense products available, including tasers and pepper spray.
  2. Self Defense Products is an online store that specializes in self-defense tools, including tasers and pepper spray.
  3. Taser is the manufacturer of the popular taser brand of stun guns, and they sell their products directly on their website.
  4. SABRE is a well-known brand of pepper spray, and they sell their products on their website as well as on Amazon.
  5. Damsel in Defense is an online store that specializes in self-defense products for women, including tasers and pepper spray.
  6. Security Pro USA is an online store that sells a variety of self-defense products, including tasers and pepper spray.
  7. The Home Security Superstore is an online store that specializes in home security products, including tasers and pepper spray.
  8. Cabela’s is a hunting and outdoor store that sells a variety of self-defense products, including tasers and pepper spray, on their website.
  9. OpticsPlanet is an online store that specializes in outdoor and tactical gear, including tasers and pepper spray.
  10. Walmart sells a variety of self-defense products, including tasers and pepper spray, on their website.

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